Campbelltown City Podiatry

ph: 46286030

Serving the Macarthur for 25 years

Here at Campbelltown City Podiatry we bring together 25 years of experience in the Macarthur area.

A team of  Podiatrists.                                                                              

One vision.                                                                                              

Dedicated to the people of Macarthur.                                         

Equipped with experience, knowledge  and passion.

Here at Campbelltown City Podiatry,  your feet are on the right path.

Come and see and feel the difference PODIATRY can make!


We are located 25a, 171-179 Queen Street Campbelltown NSW   (tallest glass building in the centre of town)  

Parking available to the back of the building.

Click here  for a map location

Escalator and elevator access available.

Bus and Taxi service available.

Please check  Click here for Busways timetable information.

Contact details

 Phone: 02 46286030

 Fax:    02 46265604 

Email: or click  'here" below 


CONTACT US  ONLINE BY  clicking ->    here


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We love our patients to be relaxed and happy when they come in for treatment! 

We have a FABULOUS reputation of being on time!

This is why we dont double book!  It just is too stressful on you the client and  on us!

This is an appointment only clinic.  If you arrive late, there is the chance that you will be asked to come back at a later time, so to avoid dissapointment, try to arrive 5 mins before your appointment and if you are running late, give us a call to see if thats ok.

There is always the capacity  in our appointments to cater for high priority urgent cases 

After hours?

Are you a morning person?! Our first appointments start 7am every day of the working week!

On Thursdays we open till 7pm.

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